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Even if he won't admit it to herself, Mankind is becoming aware of his/her true Spiritual nature. Proof? Look around. We are being inundated with information in Motion Pictures, Television, Books, Magazines and Newspapers. More and more people find it's "cool" to talk about one's spiritual nature with perfect strangers.
Maybe what's happening to Mankind is akin to what a salmon goes through when returning to the place of its creation or birth to spawn.

Mankind it seems also has an inherent need to return to the place of his/her beginning...to The Great Spirit. The Creator. Allah. God.
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                       Amazon.com And it doesn't matter whether you believe in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Christianity or Judaism. You have an inner spirit and whether you believe it or not, it knows what is best for you. The Chaos is a time when your true spirit will shine and lead the way -- if you let it.

Huston Smith has lived all of the above religions. He found a "common thread" through them all.

It's been said that if you want to get to know someone, spend some time with him or her. The same is true for God. Spend some time and listen in prayer. You may get the answers you seek.
Possible signals that Mankind is awakening Spiritually:
1111 Ever see this number? Notice it more and more on clocks, TV, license plates? Some say it is a pre-encoded trigger that those who are spiritually aware will see in times of heightened awareness. It is a number that carries great spiritual significance. Resurgence in attendance at churches, spiritual groups, personal interest in all things spiritual and a desire for inner growth.
Hollywood has jumped on the band wagon with many new movies exploring Mankind's spiritual nature. "We are spiritual beings experiencing a physical existence here on Earth." Is Hollywood merely exploiting a fad? Or is there something deep within us struggling to make us see the truth about ourselves? Apocalyptic stories, movies, articles...Again. Simply the news media trying to sensationalize a currently hot topic or Spirit warning us of impending and far reaching change on Mother Earth?

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